G Force Performance GF-LSFB Bolt Set is uniquely designed to accommodate both Flexplates and Flywheels on your LS Engine installation. With our design there is no need to purchase a different bolt for Flexplates vs Flywheels. Do not make the mistake of using old bolts! A few dollars spent at the time of installation can save you hours of frustration and a much greater expense later. These High Strength bolts are plated with a high lubricity and corrosion resistant plating, and includes a thread locking patch to insure a secure installation.

• 6 pcs Flexplate / Flywheel Bolts
• 150,000 min PSI
• High Strength 6-Point Hex Flange Head
• Fits Both the G Force Z32 and Z33 Conversion Kit Flywheels.
• High Performance Replacement for all LS Engine Flexplate and Flywheel Applications
• Magni 565 Finish
• Thread Locking Patch
• Torque to GM Factory Specification

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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